Congratulations 2020 DHS Graduates!
The Foundation would like the express our appreciation to all the donors who participated in the ceremony.  Our community has a rich heritage of support and academic achievement which are told through your stories.  We honor the dedication and talent of the teachers and students who came before us.  We also sincerely thank the local businesses and community donors who faithfully finance the scholarships each year.

Congratulations to all the 2020 Scholarship Recipients! This year, the Foundation awarded 106 scholarships to Decorah students totaling more than $100,000.  We continue to express our gratitude to all our donors whose investment in support of Decorah Students make all this possible!

Students and Parents of the Class of 2020:  Notice that there is a link on the far right of each web page for the Collegiate Partners program through Scholarship America and Dollars for Scholars. Please check to see if the college you plan to attend is a Collegiate Partner. Collegiate Partner institutions make commitments to Dollars for Scholars scholarship recipients to ensure a student's scholarships don't negatively impact his or her institutional financial aid. Matching Collegiate Partners take these commitments a step further by agreeing to match a portion of the scholarship awards coming from Decorah Dollars for Scholars.  You will want to have those matching dollars reflected on your tuition statements as they come due!  Don't miss this opportunity to fortify your Decorah Community School District Foundation scholarship funds to help pay for your education.


Class of 2021-2022-2023

The  Decorah Community School District Foundation is asking for your participation in the scholarship application process through our affiliation with the Dollars for Scholars program.  Please consider setting up your student profile as soon as possible and get a jump start on your scholarship application process.  The application process is a completely paperless system for student applications, teacher recommendations and local scholarship matching.  In addition, your profile could match you to national public scholarships available through the Scholarship America organization for post secondary education.
Even as a freshman you may begin your profile and continue to add your activities and accomplishments as you progress through your High School journey! 
Who is eligible for DCSD Foundation Scholarships?
Any student of the Decorah Community School District including Dual Enrolled students and seniors enrolled in the Home School Assistance Program.